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Greasemonkey definitelly cool; how about speed

@ 03:54 PM (118 months, 22 days ago)
Greasemonkey (or "fixing the web") is definitelly a really cool Firefox extension, that already managed to enroll hundread of developers into developing site-related or general browsing add-on scripts. The huge user scripts database is driven by the ease of usage and the basic human need to "fix" things, whatever the means are. The scripts are literally flowing, and the firefox-only limit or other usability/performance concepts don't seem to slow it down.

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adsense, ppc and blogging

@ 10:18 AM (118 months, 28 days ago)
If you own a blog, and think about monetizing the traffic with google adsense, or yahoo PPC links; better think about it twice. Regular RSS readers, or the ones that visit your blog directly aren't interested in seeing any of your annoying ads. You will only make people nervous, and nervous people don't care about your blog entries so much.

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selling a network of websites: rednecks and Amazon associates

@ 02:47 PM (119 months, 3 days ago)
I noticed today that I am a website redneck too; also seems another smart guy is getting rid of its Amazon associate websites, I wonder if I shouldn't start thinking about selling my own AWS/ECS 4.0 network:

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Koders.com, a meta-CVS search engine

@ 04:34 PM (119 months, 4 days ago)
There's a specialised search engine only for source code: Koders.com. They launched not so long ago (PDF), and their user focus is in reusing already written code. It gives a clean overview of open source code, with focus on user-defined queries. They claim to be the first engine of its kind, and this might be true if you consider their magnitude.

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comparison shopping: practical search engines spamming

@ 02:29 PM (119 months, 7 days ago)
Comparison shopping networks got sold quite often these days. Kelkoo is now owned by Yahoo, and it's been recently ShopZilla's turn to be sold for $525 million. ShopZilla is a simplified shopping platform created by BizRate. People didn't hear much about Shopzilla, because mostly it apeared in order to double BizRate's Search Engine exposure by duplicating their offers under a new domain. The cool name, with tekki flavour, and also the media coverage this pilot project got ensured a fast market success. There aren't so many players left on the market, and the open question is if on the longer run, this is a market to stay in, or not.
If we analyze the business model of these comparison networks, some things start to strike. First, they do generate a lot of traffic, most of it coming from search engines, where they master search engine budgets so that they always stay on top. They have no physical catalog of products; and their categories are driven by the offers they gather. Their original content is minimal, except for eventual final shop reviews. Their skills are in grouping together product offers, and in creating a "fake branding", as all they are are gateways to the real shops. Once they succeed in raising huge monthly traffic numbers, they monetize this traffic via Adsense/eBay type of ads. This business model seems to have worked fine in the past, as final shops didn't really own PPC knowledge, but things start to change on this level quite fast. As this happens, I'd really hate to have spent half a bilion dollars on a short-shot thingy.

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Swiss map:

@ 02:11 PM (119 months, 10 days ago)
Map.search.ch is a project launched in November 2004, way before all the Google maps&MSN virtual earth bubble. As you can see if you visit the website, the level of detail is absolutelly amazing, and from a usability point of view, I think that it outclasses by far google maps or any similar project.

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eval.google.com some speculations

@ 11:05 PM (119 months, 17 days ago)

Henk van Hess seems to have discovered a secret evaluation subdomain, where selected people hired by google would fill direct feedback on query strings in order to improve the algo.

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