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contact form exploit

@ 11:22 AM (112 months, 6 hours ago)
There's a growing number of exploits related to e-mail contact forms. One particular exploit targets websites with a contact form that allows the user to enter his e-mail address; and then send his message by mail to a private e-mail address. Therefore the user allows himself to be contacted back by the website he writes to. If the e-mail field is not correctly validated as a real e-mail address, one can exploit this module and create an open SPAM relay. Besides regular e-mail checks via php/perl regular expressions, one can also run this PHP command:

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a new User Interface in next generation of Office products

@ 04:09 PM (112 months, 5 days ago)
Jensen Harris, a user interface expert from the Microsoft Office team, shows in his latest PDF presentation how the new Office "12" will look like. At more than 300 mil paid customers, Office is the most successful client-side tool ever. Since 1st version of Word, in 1989, Office has evolved a lot. Their interface designers studied tons of user sessions, to track user patterns, and their conclusions are interesting for all client side UI designers. Menus and toolbars will be gone; to fit in the increased complexity of tools available. Contextual tabs should help "diving" into new sections; live preview will enhance usability; plus a few brand new features.
The new interface focuses on content rather than confusing the user in the U.I. itself. They even claim that they will remove stuff, in order to simplify (I wonder how will managers like that). Office 12 is beta 1 now, beta2 will follow and by that time the interface will stabilize. It will be interesting to see how users will perceive the new design.


adsense tip: section targeting

@ 11:50 AM (112 months, 6 days ago)
Here's an Adsense tip i found sometimes yesterday browsing my daily dozens of blogs reading list. So far I know, the adsense crawler reads the current webpage completely, relates it to the global website keywords it is on, and then finds close related ads from adwords to be sent back to adsense. With Section Targeting, it appears that you can "direct the focus" of the content crawler on given content, instead of letting it choose the text it considers relevant. It involves just surrounding the relevant text with some HTML comments; relevant for the adsense crawler. More information available in the adsense section targeting help pages.
This could help with blog advertisment, where adsense is quite popular ; at least until YPN comes out worldwide. However the two weeks they say the crawler needs to adapt are not that encouraging.
I think the full story is this interesting performancing.com's article: google teaches bloggers how to rank.


Firefox tricks & tweaks

@ 03:10 PM (112 months, 7 days ago)
A short list of tips for Firefox users:

  1. Turn on http and proxy pipelining to enhance browsing speed 200-500%: details.
  2. Install the fasterfox firefox extension to tweak these options visually, and play with other network settings based on your connection speed.
  3. The default "View source" program from Firefox behaves nicely and refreshes from the server on CTRL+R or F5; just like a regular webpage. This helps a lot if you do live debugging (like I do a lot; var_dump(), print_r() I know I shouldn't, I know..) since you don't have to get the formatted HTML from the server, but can refresh directly on the source. Compared to the default notepad from IE and Opera <=8.5; this source code viewer is amazing.
  4. Select text in a webpage and use "View Selection Source" to jump to that element's HTML code.
  5.  Greasemonkey is cool, but install it only if you need it; it adds javascript calls on every page rendered.
  6. Last but not least, don't get too "sticked" to firefox, IE7 is in beta and usually Microsoft paid good atention to competitors in the past. I think Firefox's only chance to keep up with the software giant is to be further developed by google.
More in this Firefox Tweak Guide from techspot.
In case you're still wondering what Firefox can do for you, you should get Firefox now (clear link; no adsense affiliate crap)

first spaceport to be built in New Mexico

@ 02:29 PM (112 months, 7 days ago)
http://www.virgingalactic.com/images/content/News_spaceport.jpgVirgin Galactic is a British company that seems to have taken the lead in space turism. They have a deal for five spacecrafts with Burt Rutan, the creator of SpaceShipOne, that won the XPrize in 2004. It would be the first public spaceport in human history, at around $225 million. First flights should begin in late 2008-2010. More information in their press release.