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php rants, anti-rants and beyond

@ 02:47 PM (111 months, 6 days ago)
In case you missed the hype, there have been some rants on php lately; ignited by Tim Bray, continued by many others (Paul Goscicki++). In the background of these attacks seem to be the recent fast ascension of Ruby on Rails technology, which some say is not that bad (here's a hot job post with autoscout24.de; german leader in online car classifieds).

The fan syndrome stepped in and many PHP developers defended their choice (John Lim for one). This news is no news, but seems to repeat in circle every couple of months/years. Chris Shiflett summarizes pretty much of the wave here. The original rant reasons were dissected; and the hype seems to be over now. All in all it's an interesting read though.

Yahoo openly backs up PHP now in their fresh PHP Developer center; plus they have Rasmus, the PHP God with them. Here in Germany there have been recently more Senior PHP Programmer positions than ever before; so obviously mature and experienced PHP developers are needed. Back in the days (1999-2001), people used to laugh when I called myself a PHP Programmer; they thought the words don't match.