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weird stuff happened this Sunday night?

@ 03:01 PM (102 months, 14 days ago)

It's not the dirty stuff you are always thinking about, but instead some geek stuff: you can have an additional cron coming out of nowhere by having a cronjob set-up like this:

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firefox 2.0 - better wait for now

@ 02:05 PM (102 months, 24 days ago)
http://www.mozilla.com/img/firefox-title.pngA small piece of advice: don't try the new Firefox 2.0 RC 3, at least not until it becomes faster and better tested. You'll feel dissapointed and it's just not worth it. Better wait a while for the release to stabilize.

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behind netflix

@ 01:31 PM (102 months, 28 days ago)
http://www.netflixprize.com/assets/header_netflix.gifHere's how Netflix understands to outsource business critical tasks: a $1 million prize for a recommendation system that outranges their own CinematchSM with a consistent rate of 10% better quality over time. Although it's an interesting idea, the strategical plan is weird, since the first commers have the advantage of "taking over" big slices of the market, also it's to assume that the place will be soon lurking with Phds. The challenge is tough and real, but it somehow seems that from the payout structure netflix has yet a few things to learn about how the geek mind works from more established systems like Amazon webservices.

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improved google reader

@ 11:11 AM (103 months, 1 day ago)
Google reader recently just got better, and most of my negative points are gone. To make the list complete, I always Adblock the logo wherever I find it; so I have nothing to complain anymore.