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@ 01:31 PM (101 months, 27 days ago)
http://www.netflixprize.com/assets/header_netflix.gifHere's how Netflix understands to outsource business critical tasks: a $1 million prize for a recommendation system that outranges their own CinematchSM with a consistent rate of 10% better quality over time. Although it's an interesting idea, the strategical plan is weird, since the first commers have the advantage of "taking over" big slices of the market, also it's to assume that the place will be soon lurking with Phds. The challenge is tough and real, but it somehow seems that from the payout structure netflix has yet a few things to learn about how the geek mind works from more established systems like Amazon webservices.

A great read anyway: NetFlixPrize.com

post updated: Fool.com runs an indepth analysis of the whole deal. My questions so far would be:
- Why would a 1.58B company throw out just 1 mil for the core of their business?
- How come they can ignore the multi-dimension-movie-matrix of actors/directors/genres into their engine, and even encourage people to continue to do so (faq).

I anyway wonder what of a Frankenstein monster would come up by using the amazon elastic computing cloud as computational hardware, with amazon movie information and rating obtained via their very own web services or satellite Imdb's, to power the recommendation engine of the respected competitor, NetFlix. Anyway, somehow I feel that the story here is far from being told.